Registration Costs*

Registration Category One-day summit
UWindsor, St Clair, Lambton Faculty, Staff, Students Free
Non-UWindsor/St Clair/Lambton Faculty or Staff** $90
Non-UWindsor/St Clair/Lambton students** $90
Other $90

*All fees include HST; Eventbrite processing fee is additional.

**Cancellation policy: Up to April 30, $50 cancellation fee for non-UWindsor/St Clair/Lambton faculty or staff; and $25 cancellation fee for non UWindsor/St Clair/Lambton students. The remainder will be reimbursed. After April 30, there will be no refunds.



Conference Registration

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The conference organizers know there are many committed, talented, community-minded scholars out there who want to volunteer their time to help out in an exciting summit like this!There are a number of volunteer positions needed for the summit including:
Registration Support – Situated at the front line, you will greet participants, provide them with conference information and packages to get them started.
Information Liaison – Working at one of the information points, or at one of the remote stations, you’ll be a critical source of information and directions for participants as they move between the sessions.
Session Host – Supports the session presenter(s), manages the timekeeping during the session, and facilitates feedback collection.
Technical Support Superhero – Computers and A/V equipment always like to cause problems in major events. Your mission will be to roam around and help solve those issues when they arise. You don’t need to be an engineer or computer scientist, but you do need to be able to problem solve and remain calm in the face of pressure.
Builder and breaker – In this role, you primarily will help with set-up, tear-down, and room re-arrangements.
Special Agent/Runner – At any given moment in a major event, things can go wrong. Your mission will be to provide support for all those things that could be needed at the last minute. You will be able to remain calm in a crisis, solve problems, and run fast!Volunteering at the Open Education Summit will let you interact with some really cool people doing really cool things across a wide range of disciplines and in both colleges and universities. Along the way you might learn a thing or two, discover new ideas, and hopefully have some fun as well!All volunteers will receive a certificate.

Sign up to volunteer at Volunteer for Open Education Summit 2018.


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